Musicians, lovers of sound curiosities, players, poets and show-offs, zazous, rockers, both feminine and masculine...! 

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A word from me... it's the custom...

Born in 1961,  going back in time…  Luthier since 2015, 20 years old electronics teacher in high school pro / IUT, the rest is shared between office d study related to space, technician or assistant engineer in industry, technical sales, odd jobs too.

Musician, poet, a little of always, my instrument is the song... Guitar for the accompaniment also without excelling... Young person, many terraces and streets. Some small persistent formations with my compositions.


Since May 2015, I have been creating unique pieces. 

According to my inspiration or on order, string instruments mainly.


 Instruments yes... ATYPICAL... Or travel

 Listening is essential here, creativity is combined with technicality in a common vision of elegance and the final timbre...


Colleagues and beautiesfriendships  have been created also do not miss this page.

I wish you a good visit! do not hesitate to contact it's so much more human.


Besides, I voluntarily removed the online store aspect... A personalized instrument requires a project study, prototyping and production part.

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