The glues and varnishes are water-based, it's better for nature and better for your skin.

I use wood from French suppliers and as much as possible debited in France Less transport, less CO2 ... More life!

I imagine and I make cordophones with an atypical design and by recycling certain containers: boxes, cans, sports sticks ..... I also develop a high-end travel range. I work alone, by hand.

Whatever the instrument, sound and playing comfort remain my two priorities.

Here you will find musical instruments
made to make music. that doesn't prevent beauty, but it's not the primary goal.

Thinking and making a musical instrument is like creating a companion for someone ...
I avoid powder in the eyes, fashionable standards ... the copy ... certainly it looks like other styles but it is often the solutions and the convergences linked to the imponderables in the realization of an instrument which are the consequence.

I rather give him heart, soul
It's a choice.

As for the prices I try not to underestimate my work (nor to overestimate it) by keeping in mind the real value that I will be able to spend for the instrument in question. I also take into account the final aspect, the sound qualities, the production time ... It's not easy but after 6 years I start to have a correct vision. Living with it is another story for the moment, but I am counting on our partnership !!

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