Electroacoustic Baglamas

Electroacoustic Baglamas


Electroacoustic baglamas.

Greek instrument at its origin, here the resonance box was cut out of the mass of a sharpener of Ayou a little on the principle of the medieval instruments. Its volume is greater and the type of assembly offers good sustain and a very honorable acoustic projection.


It is connected to an acoustic amplifier that it reveals even better the richness of its range.


3 choruses, tuning of the D, D the D, I really like the one in If the D, obviously the choice of the tuning is up to the player.


Hand-shaped Iroko handle, no fret, direct hooping. V-neck near the banjos of the master "Jacobaci".

Spruce top.

Mechanical guitar / ukulele.

Scale: 375 mm

6.35mm jack output

Bone or ebony nut depending on model

Adjustable bridge for intonation, one fixed point.

Adjusted at the end of production, very precise intonation.