Cigarbox 6 strings Order example.

Cigarbox 6 strings Order example.


Example of a custom-made guitar.

Demo video (click to play video)

Mahogany neck replacement Gibson,

Mechanical Schaller Keystone DR 3L / 3R NI

Maple interior body

Partagas PN ° 2 Series cigar box

Micro neck Dominger "Hippie"

Micro bridge Hathor "Juicer"

Bridge (tunomatic) with rollers crossing the thickness of the table for a very low action setting if needed.

A selector, a volume, a tone ...

Weight 2.175 Kg.

The listed price may vary depending on the options, especially the pickups, the neck that I can achieve too. It can be revised downwards or upwards depending on your specifications. I can also make this type of instrument removable to fit in a suitcase