Travel Bass  Fretted

Travel Bass Fretted


Prototype N ° 2 of the "Voyageuse" custom order initially. The specifications for this realization required that it be transportable in aircraft cabin luggage, or less than 550mm in length, less than 3 kg.

Video link: (proto 1)

For future orders, price starting from the indicated price, possible options at the bottom of the description.

Everything is done by hand.

Headless neck, maple, rosewood fingerboard, fretted. 18 frets

Short scale 762 mm.

Body here in Ash, possible in maple, Iroko ...

Neck Pickup: Humbucker

Jazz bass type bridge pickup.

The model is presented here and tested with classic entry-level microphones, a wide choice is available among my fellow craftsmen and partner creators of microphones, in short, we sculpt and produce the sound you are looking for. Come talk about it.

You can therefore first access the purchase of this instrument and secondly have me upgrade,

the whole in the end will remain financially accessible and will be spread in two ...

You can also come and talk about it right away !! Obviously!