Hurley Stick bass 1 fretless cord 2019

Hurley Stick bass 1 fretless cord 2019



Designed in a Hurling stick (3000 year old Irish sport)

Ash body on foot (the curve is the beginning of the tree stump)

The basic idea is to "revisit" the counter basin by making it portable and electrifying it.

Right-handed version.

Last evolution of my work on this article ..

Reinforcement in padouk and integration of a truss rod on the back of the instrument, this results in playing comfort and increased accuracy.

665 mm short scale.

Micro 4 precision type studs.
Extremely portable
Weight 925 grams.

Overall length 815 mm.
Balanced hold.
Identification of the pentatonic by 6mm mother-of-pearl.

General personal note:

Tuning here in Si. Big sound.


· To mount a bass string on a short tuning fork and for the Si, Mi and La strings, it is recommended to scroll to the part which will enter the mechanics in order to avoid breaking the string.