Hurley Stick Cello 1 fretless rope 2016

Hurley Stick Cello 1 fretless rope 2016



Designed in a Hurling stick (3000 year old Irish sport)

Ash body on foot (the curve is the beginning of the tree stump)

The basic idea came to me at the request of a client on the inter-Celtic festival of Lorient, on the spot I transformed her a bass a string in order to allow her to play using a bow . I took up the idea here on a smaller scale and by locating the frets with a saw cut and a filling.
This instrument allows you to put all types of string that you would like to play rubbed. Equipped with a mechanical guitar this excludes as is the bass strings, on request I can modify.

Scale of 588 mm.

Micro piezzo under bridge
Extremely portable
Weight 480 grams.
Played by placing the instrument upright on the thigh and girdling with the leather cord.
Location of the pentatonic and frets.