M7instruments Lapsteel "Smooth" 2019 Padouk

M7instruments Lapsteel "Smooth" 2019 Padouk

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This idea of shape and color has been trotting me for a while ... it's done! Delighted with the result.

Designed in a 22 mm padouk slat, mounted with strong pulling folk strings (12/52) for the timbre it gives.

Nut: bone.

Action: 5 mm at the nut, 10 mm at the octave.

Scale of 605 mm.
Micro type P90 neck.

A volume.
Excellent sustain. Its very rich and very typical blues.
Weight 1725 grams.
Wooden legs. 6.35 jack output on the back of the instrument.
Evolution March 2019; identification of the pentatonic by 6mm mother-of-pearl and the frets by 3mm mother-of-pearl. Non-contractual photo